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Piège Hyperthermique du Rayonnement Solaire Direct / Hyperthermal Trap of the Direct Solar Radiance
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04/07/2009 : What is the PHRSD's optic principle ?
06/06/2009 : The PHRSD's spirit in simple words for all the people ?
08/03/2009 : Why Africa and Europa need for the sun energy ?
14/12/2008 : Do the concentrating solar plants really entail money and employment ?
09/11/2008 : What's new about thermal storage recommended by the PHRSD ?
24/10/2008 : Could the PHRSD integrate in the the DESERTEC project ?
14/09/2008 : What are the agricultural stakes of the 21st century ?
04/07/2008 : An excellent conference de Jean Marc JANCOVICI
30/05/2008 : Some hyperthermal sun energy ? But what to do with that ?
12/05/2008 : Why the PHRSD concept is the way to follow ? 

04/07/2009 __________________________________________________________

SYCOMOREEN is inviting you to watch this video of educational discovery of the PHRSD where you will see the trapping of the direct solar rays in the set of an experience in dark room.

Hyperthermal Trap of Direct Solar Radiance  sent by Sycomoreen.
(subtitled in English)

06/06/2009 __________________________________________________________

One of the conclusions of the Movie Home of Yann ARTHUS BERTRAND (1h26min37sec) is :
(translated to English from the French Movie by Sycomoreen)

"I saw the desert extents illuminated by the Sun,
if everything is linked with the Earth, the Earth is linked with the Sun, its first source of energy.

That the plants made while capturing its energy, can't Mankind be able to do it ?

In one hour, the Sun gives to the Earth the energy consumed by all the humanity in one year,
so much that the Earth exists, the energy of the Sun is inexhaustible.

It is only to stop to dig the soils and to raise the look skywards... It is only to learn to cultivate the Sun."

08/03/2009 __________________________________________________________

This report from the Deustche Welle TV will give you some answering elements

Abstract :
Report from the Deutsche Welle TV on the huge renewable energy resources on the Mediterranean Crown. The German Industry's interest for the development of great energy securing projects while coupling it with a durable co-development for Magreb and Africa

14/12/2008 __________________________________________________________

Recently, Barack Obama, new President of the USA, has forwarded a lot of studies and diagnostics in order to relaunch the economy, and the employment in the USA, while facing the worrying financial, energizing, (and perhaps ecological...) stakes of our World.

According to the Experts of the Duke University  
"The new market for concentrating solar power plants has potential to create numerous U.S. manufacturing and construction jobs as U.S. companies grow and foreign firms come to the United States

The following extract from their recent report on CSP, is regarding the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's evaluations :

" The NREL estimates that an investment of $13 billion dollars in the installation of 4,000 MW [4 nuclear units]
of CSP, as expected based on the current and planned CSP plant development across the United
States, will create 145 000 jobs in construction and 3 000 direct permanent jobs (Stoddard and Al.,
2006). Although the majority of the construction and operation and management jobs would
located in the Southwest, there will also be significant gains in manufacturing jobs,
which would
likely be more widely distributed across the country."

SYCOMOREEN recalls that approximately 1% of the desert areas are sufficient to supply all the anthropic energetic needs, 
cleanly and nearly free, especially with its PHRSD Technology...

09/11/2008 __________________________________________________________

In his PHRSD patent, set down to Paris' INPI, February 6th 2008 by SYCOMOREEN, in order to supply and manage the solar power which is available only during diurnal and sunny time for concentrating solar plants (CSP), it's mentioned on page n°15 :

 "the hyperthermal solar traps have the advantage to permit an
efficient and little costly thermal storage of big size, since it will be sufficient to heat at about
1000°C, with the help of a coolant fluid and pipes of thermal exchange, a important mass
of materials with good thermal capacity : rock, earth, sand, metals, water or specific fluids.
These materials should be positioned in containers taking the building principles of

the insulating cockle. The containers will possibly be buried or integrated in the re-raising device "

Lately, the scientists of the Deutsches Zentrum Luft für Raumfahrt (the DLR already author of study for the feasibility of the DESERTEC project) constructed a thermal storage prototype made of concrete which is flowed around a network of hoses (temperature of service 400°C). According to their studies, the gradients of temperature bring mechanical tensions in the concrete of the pilot installation in Stuttgart.

SYCOMOREEN has an appreciably different approach : rather than to construct a heavy rigid and little isolated structure, we propose an insulated hollow container so much on the radiative way (mirrors in "dolls Russians") that thermal way (insulation by depressurized air) containing a network of hyperthermal hoses  and deformable  material forhigh temperature. It seems more applicable to directly use the sand  (extensively present in the desert...) or the quartzic silica  (in block or in compacted powder: SiO2 is present in big quantity in the sand) keeping its crystalline shape until 1650°C and whose thermal conductivity (10 W / K / m) is ten times bigger than the one of the concrete (1 W / K / m) to have better speed of thermal storage / unstorage.

0.5 m3 of silica (cube of 80 cm nearly full with 1300 kg of SiO2 of density 2.65, M = 60g / mol) gives a thermal capacity of 540 000 J / °C (according to the Dulong and Petit's law of  for the mass thermal capacity of highly heated solids)

A fall of 300°C in the stocking hyperthermal SiO2 block (for example of 1300°C to 1000°C), releases 45 kWh thermal, of which 45% are convertible in electricity (20 electric kWh), either the average and typical electric daily consumption of 2 French homes (400W/house) and 55% (25 kWh thermal) remain available for the domestic heating (possibility of electric/heat cogeneration through this thermal unstorage...).

24/10/2008 __________________________________________________________

The Hyperthermal Trap of Direct Solar Radiance (PHRSD) is fully in agreement with the DESERTEC's diagnostics and purposes.

As it has an efficiency widely better than usual devices without solar trapping, and it is highly modular with small autonomous units that can be juxtaposed and/or interconnected, the PHRSD is a technological breaktrough to build little and big concentrating solar plants able to bring a massive and clean contribution in the energetic mix.

SYCOMOREEN invites you to read the the last News about DESERTEC whose project isn't sufficiently promoted altough it is a key-point to solve a lot of hazardous and urgent issues (social, economic and ecologic), notably for the EUropean, Middle-East and Nord-African countries (EU-MENA).

Some american scientists have also understood the stakes to launch a big solar plan for their country and declare :
"The greatest obstacle to implementing a renewable (...) energy system is not technology or money, however. It is the lack of public awareness that solar power is a practical alternative—and one that can fuel transportation as well."
December, 16th 2007, Ken Zweibel, James Mason and Vasilis Fthenakis, in Scientific American Magazine

14/09/2008 __________________________________________________________
Sycomoreen invites you to read the radiobroadcast Contre-Expertise of Radio France Culture
please wait a few minutes for the download (in French)
with :
- Christian Troubé ; Editor-in-chief of "La Vie"
- Gilles Hirzel ; Responsible for information, regional Office of the FAO for Europe
- Daniel Nahon ; Professor "émérite" at the "Institut universitaire de France", geochimist and petrologist of soils and the tropical changes
- Philippe Chalmin ; Professor of economy, specialist of the market of the raw materials, the founder of the "Cercle Cyclope"

To listen to the broadcast "Contre Expertise" (French)

It's about getting simultaneously :
- financial means,
- massive supply of soft water to increase the agricultural production in dry soils while limiting the weariness of the arable soils,
- the reduction of the worldwide poverty through a technological economic growth, then economic
- fuels extracted from biomass and clean energies.

Are these objectives really contradictory ? Not for the PHRSD with Stirling engines...

Une excellente conférence de Jean Marc JANCOVICI pour cerner tous les enjeux
 écologiques, économiques et énergétiques du XXIème siècle

An excellent conference of Jean Marc JANCOVICI (available in English !)
to surround all ecological, economic and energizing stakes of the XXI st century

and also the french extract on DailyMotion (start of the conference)

30/05/2008 __________________________________________________________

Extracts from Bernard BIGOT's conference, High Commissioner to the atomic energy, (CEA, France) LYON 16/02/07

On the short term, it is necessary to obtain a temperature of more than 1000°C to be able to double, or even to triple the present solaro-electric output of the "thermodynamic solar path."

But in itself, an hyperthermal source combined or not with the production of electricity opens a lot larger perspectives... certainly in alonger term vision.

- VARIOUS ELECTROLYSES : obtaining of H2, or of electropositive metals generating in situ the H2 with water (Sodium or aluminum)
- AGRICULTURE : massive pumping and dessalinization of the sea water to promote irrigation and/or cultures under-greenhouse
    * of water to 3000°C to get hydrogen (H2),
    * of the biomass to 1300°C to get gases leading to liquid hydrocarbons of 2nd generation

The PHRSD is the only machine giving the means of a prosper agriculture even in too sunny zones (ideally placed near of an ocean) AND in the same time the clean thermal energy to get gases of synthesis directly combustible (H2, CO) or recombined in liquid heavier fuels (Diesel, Ethanol...) which are easier to manage.

(CEA, France) LYON 16/02/07
Extracts from Bernard BIGOT's conference, High Commissioner to the atomic energy
Biofuels of 2nd generation and PHRSD

Extracted from Conference ofBernard BIGOT 

(CEA, France) LYON 16/02/07
Extracted from Bernard BIGOT's conference, High Commissioner to the atomic energy

12/05/2008 __________________________________________________________
DESERTEC Project Overview

Please have a look on the Desertec project and on this page

This project is the key of a perfectly clean and abundant energizing mix, with smoothing of the productions and reliability of the electrical network by the interconnection of all energizing potentials  "biomass", wind, hydraulic and especially solar within a vast geographical space going from the Scandinavia to the Subsaharian Africa while passing by the Middle East.

It is also a great opportunity to lead a harmonious co-development with many economically unsteady countries.
Desert areas in Magreb countries to supply some current electrical needs

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 Frequently asked questions 
Piège Hyperthermique du Rayonnement Solaire Direct / Hyperthermal Trap of the Direct Solar Radiance