24 Animations des Machines ZZ et Turbicone par Yves SAUGET et Pascal HA PHAM
 24 Animations of ZZ and Turbicone Engines by Yves SAUGET and Pascal HA PHAM

ZZ engine
ZZ engine ZZ engine
Double Turbicone's Skeleton Turbicone Engine ZZ special gearing : upside wiew
ZZ engine : without cover ZZ engine : special gearing ZZ engine : central rotary shaft
ZZ engine : windows for exhaust and intake ZZ engine : windows for exhaust and intake ZZ engine is working
The ZZ becomes a rotary engine while blocking the central shaft ZZ as a rotary engine with its cover ZZ engine with full plano-spherical features
Other ZZ engine with partial plano-spherical features Design of the windows for exhaust and intake Turbicone Design
Four times cycle for ZZ thermal engine : Intake (Admission) Compression, Ignition/Relaxation (Détente), Exhaust (Echappement) Mathematical parametrization of ZZ engine Four times cycle with thermal ZZ engine : upside view
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 24 Animationen der ZZ und Turbicone Maschinen von Yves SAUGET und Pascal HA PHAM
 24 Animación  de las Máquinas ZZ y Turbicone por Yves SAUGET y Pascal HA PHAM