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Welcome on SYCOMOREEN's Website

SYCOMOREEN has already translated the whole of its webpages to French and English, and most of them to German and Spanish.

Our Team endeavors to grant a sufficient quality of translation to these four languages (French, English, German and Spanish)

We are happy that our Visitors are more and more worldwide with very numerous languages ; therefore we propose you to use this service of automatic translations to your own language. It will allow you easily to discover ideas and realizations of the Naturally Energetic Movement and our partners. Nevertheless, this translation may be very approximate or not reliable ; it can entail mistakes and problems of layout, especially with technical data.
First please click on the Translation-Click below


Then wait for the translation's service which will appear in a new page

In the white line "Traduction", select Anglais as "source" and your own language as the "cible" [for example : Russe]

Finally, always follow the 
 flags on each page.
 and have a nice visit !